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Online Test Series

OnlineBooksStore recently launched its new portal for online test series. from this portal,s student may take online exam to have better idea before final exam. This will be very helpful to understand the paper pattern, speed and level of accuracy required. through this portal student may take online exams for various exams of Bank, SSC, Railway and RPSC.

How to Use: If you want to have a demo exam, before buying any package, you may click below and take a demo exam for the category you want. Just go through a simply registration process, select category and subcategory and enjoy the available online test papers.Rest papers you may purcahse from below listed packages

PLZ Note:  1. Onlie test will work on computer only, it wil better perform on google chrome

                   2. Test will work for one time only, if you leave the paper in midway, you will not get the second chance

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