Baudhik Prakashan Allahabad

Baudhik Publication or pareeksha vaani Prakshan Books are the very famous books among the student of Civil services for union and state level services. students are appreciating the content of this books.Some of their most Important books are as :

Pariksha Vani Genaral Studies (Samanne Adayan) Solutition
Pariksha Vani Geography of World (Vishwa ka bhugol
Pariksha Vani Physics and Chemistry (Bhotik and Ra]
Pariksha Vani Medical Technology (Chiktsa Prodyogi
Pariksha Vani Urbanization Census (Jansankhya Nagr
Pariksha Vani Astronomy (Khagoliki) by S. K. Ojha
Pariksha Vani Indian Geography (Bharat Ka Bhugol )
Pariksha Vani Biology (Jeev Vigyan) by S. K. Ojha
Pariksha Vani Agriculture And Technology (Krashi a aur prodhyogiki)

All the books of Baudhik Prakshan ( pariksha vaani) is available at with home delivery services

Vaani prakashan books are the very standard books for all Indian completion books, they are publishing books for comman subjects, like geography, astrology, Indian constitution, chemistry, medical science, biology etc which is useful for civil services as well as state level exams like IAS, RAS, UPAS, indian railways,bank, SSC, and for all completion

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