Vidhyapeeth Times

Vidhyaapeeth Publication is a well known publishers and writers of Hariyana. they are publishing a monthly news paper magazine and some most demanding books of Hariyana GK , Baal vikas and Shiksha Shastra, hariyana samanya Gyaan, vidyapeeth times newspaper in hindi and Many More.Some of our most famous books are

1. Vidyapeeth Times Volume 10th June 2017 News Paper form Bhiwani Usefull for all Competitive Exams

2. Vidhyapeeth Times General knowledge (Samanya Gyan) 2018 For NCERT

3. Vidhyapeeth Times General Knowledge (Samanya Gyan) 4300+ Objective Questions For Delhi Police Constable Exam

4. Vidhypeeth Monthly News papers

5. Vidhyapeth haryana Samnya Gyaan

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