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Many Students of rajsathan are still living in villages or small town. after graduation, they want to keep focus on secure government job. if they are living in villages or small towns, there will be limited books available for any particular exam. in those cases, it become harder to arrange proper books from nearby city.

To overcome this situation, we have been started this portal to serve students of villages also where big eCommerce companies are not servicing. we are serving rural students from last 2 years, and have been served more than 20,000 students in this period. Till now, we are working with limited resources (self arranged) and thus our speed of servicing is very slow. this initiative was started 2 years before by a team of 2 members. we served our day and night efforts and prepared this portal. now we are seeking some support from kind heart peoples.

we are targeting to raise a fund of Rs 4 lacs which is going to be used in up-gradation of website and development of App. So we could boost up our services and want to serve 1 lacs rural student every year In nutshell, it is not a charity. Its a portal, where a student need to pay some amount to grab a book. so this collected amount will only being used in technical development of portal only. So I request to all kind heart people to help us in this initiative by any possible help. I can assure you, you will always feel proud once you see the happiness in eyes of students just because of you..Thanks a lot..!!

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